Forging a new path.

Investment Criteria & Structures

Business Size

  • $10 to $75.0 million of sales for new platform investments
  • No minimum for add-on acquisitions


  • U.S. or Canada

Transaction Types

  • Family/Entrepreneur-owned businesses
  • Operationally-challenged and/or distressed companies
  • Other complex or special situations (e.g., minority interests, legal judgments)
  • Executive-led transactions
  • Orphaned/Non-core divisions or carve-outs

Business Characteristics

  • Leading company in niche market segment
  • Defensible competitive position
  • Capable management team (existing or brought by us)
  • Actionable opportunities to elevate performance

Investment Structures

We are flexible investors. We seek controlling interests in small middle-market businesses as well as influential minority equity positions and debt investments with an equity component. We work to ensure that our investments are structured in a manner that allows our portfolio companies and their management teams to achieve their goals.

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