Forging a new path.

Core Values

Gardner Standard’s investment strategy is based on the firm’s guiding principles:

  • Integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in all our dealings.
  • Insight. We strive to develop new ideas and new ways of thinking about industries, businesses and long-term trends. We continually challenge our current beliefs.
  • Collaboration. We seek to work with business owners and management teams on an equal partnership basis. Good ideas carry the day.
  • Resolve. Businesses often follow a non-linear path to success. We respond to business challenges by seizing opportunities to improve our business model and better position ourselves for future success. We work toward solutions.
  • Diligence. We work hard to carefully analyze investment opportunities, develop investment themes and take the steps necessary to maximize the probability of accomplishing successful investments. We do not take short-cuts.
  • Flexibility. When we find an attractive business, we seek to invest on fair terms. This can take the form of controlling equity ownership, an influential minority equity position or subordinated debt with an equity component. We are comfortable with complex deal-structuring situations.

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