Forging a new path.

Business Owners

Whether you want to sell your business to pursue dreams away from the office, need additional capital to grow your company, or simply desire to diversify your net worth, Gardner Standard stands ready to help.

Our Collaborative Approach

Gardner Standard takes a traditional, relationship-based approach to investment opportunities. We care about your goals and those of your management team, and we work to build a strong partnership long before we make an investment. This approach allows us to be receptive to your needs in the deal structuring process and provides the opportunity to address your questions and concerns. Upon completion of a transaction, this notion of partnership strongly shapes the nature of our interactions with all company stakeholders.

Ways We Invest

Gardner Standard has the flexibility to work with you in whatever form best fits your needs. Types of transactions include:

  • Traditional Sale
  • Recapitalization
  • Substantial Minority Equity Investment
  • Debt with an Equity Component

The transaction structure largely depends on your personal needs and the needs of your business.

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